Coming to you live this morning from the kick off keynote of the Adobe (nee Omniture) Summit in Salt Lake City.  And I'm pleased to report that so far the event is as thumping and hued in neon green as in years past. 

A nice change from past summits: Instead of discussing developments to Omniture's online marketig technology, today's Omniture keynote by Josh James is themed around "The New Principles Of A Successful CMO."  These are Josh's principles for how marketing execs can succeed.

1) Create engaging experiences
2) Unify and personalize consumer interactions across channels
3) Move from tracking marketing metrics to business metrics
4) Use marketing to strategically inform other business funtions

I certainly buy these fundamentals.  In fact, for more definition about each of these and how to enable them at your organizations, check out our research on

Adaptive Branding.  Or more immediately, join my colleague Suresh Vittal's breakout "The Road To The Online Marketing Suite," at 2:45 in the Savoy room.

I personally am looking forward to hearing more about how a software company (Adobe/Omniture) plans to tackle the above markeitng strategy challenges.