For many of my clients, 2009 was a difficult year as they struggled in response to the sudden and dramatic downturn in the economy. Although many CRM technology projects were deferred or cancelled last year, I see this trend being strongly reversed in 2010. Every day I get calls from companies large small who tell me that they now releasing funds to invest in improving their customer-facing business processes neglected during the past 18 months. 

The underlying trends driving the need for effective and efficient customer management processes have not disappeared. In fact, the need for companies to effectively engage with their customers has never been more important. Locking in customer loyalty through deeper engagement and differentiated experiences will continue as critical priorities, but navigating the complex CRM solution vendor landscape and organizing projects for success will continue to be challenging. In 2010, you must focus on choosing the best opportunities for quick wins carefully, spend wisely on the right CRM solutions, and manage project risk. Take advantage of Forrester data, methods, and tools to capitalize on the improving economic climate to drive top-line growth.

I have designed this webinar offer you a roadmap to the specific Forrester data, techniques, and tools that you can immediately put to use to implement our six-step methodology for CRM success.

1. Understand the customer of the future

2. Define the right CRM strategy and priorities

3. Build a rock-solid business case

4. Risk-proof your project

5. Resolve customer data management dilemmas

6. Negotiate the right software pricing and licensing agreements

Here is the link to the registration page. You do not have to be a Forrester client to join in.

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