How many times have you sat through a long application delivery management meeting and wondered, “Does it really have to be this complex? Aren’t we making this harder than it needs to be?” Well, it can be simpler, and many Forrester clients have been working with us to find a simpler approach. This frees development and delivery professionals to serve the business better, with more innovation and value.

How do they do it? They begin by getting requirements right the first time, with more effective business analysts and QA. They have learned how to scale Agile up across the organization and use Lean strategies to connect more closely with the business. They are improving business results with more strategic PMOs and more effective application portfolio rationalization. And they have built a world-class development team.

They also know how to deliver compelling user experiences and how to apply the latest advances in application technology, whether that is Java, DBMS and information management, integration, or Web development using SharePoint 2010.

If you’re interested in learning more strategies for improving business results, join us at Forrester’s IT Forum 2010 in Las Vegas, May 26-28, and hang out in the Application Development & Delivery track. Our team of experienced analysts is looking forward to another opportunity to share our latest experiences, research insights, and strategies for improving your application delivery effectiveness:

“I recently worked with a state agency, a large insurance company, and a large federal agency to help them figure out how to apply Lean and Agile processes to speed application delivery, and I’ll be leading off our track with these findings, and a strategy for applying them. One key success factor is learning how to identify waste – interestingly requirements is one of the most important places to find waste. My colleague Mary Gerush will deliver a session on the latest ways to get requirements right the first time and remove waste.” (Dave West)

“Dave’s right, those old phonebook-sized requirements specs can introduce such waste without adding value. Today’s leaner, more agile teams know how to use just the right tools and techniques to deliver the goods in a form that works, without making the spec into an end in itself. Tom Grant and I have collaborated on an upcoming Market Overview on requirements tools, and we’re bringing our new insights to the Forum. And I recently delivered my Business Analyst workshop to a large bank and have since heard from them that these techniques are really helping them deliver more value, more quickly.” (Mary Gerush)

“Mary and I are looking forward to sharing our latest work looking at how business analysts and QA pros are uniting to deliver increased business value from those improved requirements specs. By working more closely together, these new-style teams are ensuring that testing is focused on verifying the most important features and that the overall delivery strategy brings more value to the business, more quickly. I’m also excited about the session that Phil Murphy and I will deliver on the EPMO and strategies for improved Enterprise Portfolio Management.” (Margo Visitacion)

And Dave, Mary, and Margo are just part of our team of a dozen experienced analysts who will be delivering great sessions like these in our track, as well as meeting with you in one-on-ones. We often hear from folks who have attended past Forums that the one-on-ones turned out to be one of the most valuable experiences they had, because of the opportunity to get personal attention and advice from us.

I hope I’ll see you there!