TIBCO completed the acquisition of Proginet on September 16, 2010. What does this mean for users of Proginet's file transfer products? We see four key areas of interest related to this acquisition:

  • Increased vendor stability. Proginet was a small firm that had good products but was still facing difficult financial times due to its limited product lineup. Now that Proginet is part of a larger, more successful organization, its users will no longer have to be concerned about the ongoing viability of the product.
  • Improved product support. Proginet users will now have access to 24×7 support via TIBCO's product support team.
  • Product rebranding. All of the Proginet products including the CyberFusion MFT product and the Slingshot, RocketStream, and AnyFileNow file transfer products will be rebranded (as TIBCO MFT, TIBCO Slingshot, TIBCO RocketStream, and TIBCO Silver MFT, respectively).
  • Higher prices. Proginet users will be migrated to the applicable TIBCO products over time at the prevailing TIBCO prices.

In addition, TIBCO will be embedding the Proginet MFT features into its BusinessWorks product and will also continue to support the extensive OEM arrangements that Proginet had with other software vendors.

What's your take on the value of MFT in your organization? Is MFT an important component of your integration landscape? Is its usage growing? We would like to hear your opinion. Please give us your feedback by commenting directly or by sending me a note at kvollmer@forrester.com.


Ken Vollmer