It's that time of year . . . plants, pots, trip to the garden store, dirt, trip to the garden store . . .

We have a long narrow balcony that runs along our city apartment that I've loaded my husband would say, overloaded with plants. I'm still in my optimistic moment of urban gardening. The flowers are fresh, the strawberries are turning pin, and there are lots of little plants that seem to grow while we're watching not too many bugs, no strange blights . . . yet . . . a gardening honeymoon. 

It's a bit like the acquisition phase of marketing, full of promise. But what comes next? 

I've been writing periodically about how marketers need to mobilize their companies to deliver on the brand promise made, at all the points of connection with the customer, even when there are bugs and rotting leaves. In my research, I call it connecting the dots:  

Orchestrating diverse opportunities and all resources — within marketing, elsewhere in the company, and externally — to create a compelling brand experience that delivers value to the consumer, resulting in more successful products and services, more loyal customers, and stronger brands.

If you'll pardon the parellel, connecting the dots is bit like me watering, caring for, and troubleshooting for my garden throughout the summer and fall. 

In the spirit of the growing season, I wonder how you're doing in nurturing your brand experience. Would you take 15 minutes to answer our survey of marketing leaders? I appreciate your input. I'll use what I learn to structure a path to help marketers become better at connecting the dots. 

Additionally, I'd love to speak with you if your company is delivering a compelling, customer-centric brand experience throughout the customer life cyle or indeed, if you've got a green thumb. Please comment, e-mail, or DM on Twitter (at)mbkmbk.