A trio of factors — mobile devices, regulations, and payments — have changed the retail banking landscape. These factors have driven retail banking firms to adjust business plans to explore new channels, uncover new sources of revenue, and understand potential threats. eBusiness and channel strategy professionals must understand not only these trends but also their impact on how they run and orchestrate channels. I have recently released my report on current industry trends and specifically how those trends are impacting on eBusiness and channel strategy professionals, channel priorities, and 2012 growth opportunities. Here is my high level take on today's trends:

  • Regulations, mobile devices, and payments are changing retail banking. Three macroeconomic and technology trends are changing retail banking. The results for channel professionals are a focus on revenue generation, changing channel models, and payment innovation.
  • Branches are changing, driven by consumer trends and technology. The branches are undergoing big changes, driven by changes in consumers' channel preferences and technology. The result will be specialized sales and revenue-generating branches as well as branches that use digital technologies in multiple aspects of the business.
  • Digital executives are at the center of channel integration and payments. Many digital executives have responsibility for online and mobile, and in some cases social, within their organizations. The result is that digital executives will increasingly be called upon in far more areas of the business than they traditionally have been, including payments, branches, branding, and sales.

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