Digital disruption is real and shows no signs of slowing down – our research shows that 1 billion consumers will utilize smartphones by 2016. Digital upstart companies are disrupting long-standing business models as documented by stories in the major business news outlets such as Fortune, Forbes, NBC Universal's business channel CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal. If your industry / company is not under siege yet, it’s safe to assume it will be.

Your challenge is to disrupt while avoiding the chaos that will ensue if you fail to adapt.

"When companies adopt technology, they do old things in new ways. When companies internalize technology, they find disruptive things to do." James L. McQuivey, Forrester Vice President & Principal Analyst

Forrester’s mission is to help guide every decision for every leader – and we have lined up an extensive array of fresh research, industry-leading speakers, and peer-networking opportunities in our fall events for CIOs & Marketing Leaders, Business Architecture & Business Process Leaders, and Application Development & Delivery Leaders. These events will help you understand how you can internalize technologies and techniques – such as mobile, digital experience design, customer experience management, and analytics – to become a positive disruptive force in your company. Specifically:

For CIOs and Marketing Leaders

  • Are you prepared to LEAD digital disruption? 
  • How will you adapt strategic business planning to deliver faster cycle times for product and service delivery?
  • What organizational competencies, technologies, and architectures will prevail as CIOs and CMOs design and deliver innovative digital experiences?
  • How can you sustain customer-focused innovation while managing within the realities of your current business constraints – what has to change?

For Enterprise Architecture & Business Process Professionals

  • Are you prepared to EMBRACE digital disruption? 
  • What technologies, architectures, processes, and skills do you need to introduce digital disruptions into your organization?
  • How can you ensure that your business architecture, business process, and information architecture practices are key enablers for constant change and innovation?
  • What roles do business process management, content management, big data, and analytics play in creating digital innovations?

For Application Development & Delivery professionals

  • Are you ready to help your firm develop and DELIVER digital disruption? 
  • What open Web tools, technologies, architectures, and skills do you need to design and deliver innovative digital experiences?
  • What role do big data, analytics, business intelligence, BPM, content management, social, and mobile play in helping deliver engagement upon CRM systems and business processes?
  • How can you overcome challenges with development and delivery methods and processes to meet business agility expectations?

Save the dates – October 4, 2012 in London, and October 18–19, 2012 in Orlando – and join us for what I promise will be your most valuable and impactful experience of 2012.