The US federal government maintains a mind-boggling 1,200+ websites. The user experience design varies widely from being totally fresh and inspired to like visiting a museum dedicated to 1998 website design. This range of design is not just true for the government but also for companies and organizations. Many firms have gone through one or more redesigns in the past few years. That is harder to do for the departments and agencies of the federal government because they are often handcuffed by budget cycles, contracting rules, information regulations, and lack of design talent.

In this episode of TechnoPolitics, Mike interviews Forrester Senior Analyst David Aponovich, who recently wrote about the federal government's ambitious Digital Government Strategy to help better connect US citizens to government information, data, and services. Perhaps many think the government has bigger fish to fry than to design dazzling websites that make the citizens say "Wow!" But why not? The customers of the government are the 314 million people of the United State of America.

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