We are inundated with client inquiries about #BigData. Clients want to know everything. What is the business case? What advanced visualization and predictive analytics tools should we use? Where do we find data scientists? What store, process, and access (SPA) technologies should we invest in? Among these questions, clients frequently ask about Hadoop solutions. Hadoop is one of many #BigData technologies, but it is among the hottest in terms of vendors offering Hadoop solutions to overcome the many shortcomings of just downloading the Hadoop open source binaries.

Forrester Wave™: Hadoop Solutions, 2013

I am pleased to announce that Noel Yuhanna and I plan to launch new Forrester Wave research on Hadoop solutions. The research will begin in January 2013, and we plan to publish in May 2013. This new evaluation will not be an exact update of the previous The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2012. The new Forrester Wave will have updated criteria, a lab evaluation, and may have a different mix of vendors.

Calling All Hadoop Vendors

We plan to send out pre-participation questionnaires to Hadoop solution vendors in December 2012 or January 2013. Participation in the Forrester Wave will depend on our final participation criteria. Any vendor that would like to receive the pre-participation questionnaire, please leave a comment on this post with your company name and website. We will contact you. If you are Forrester client, please send an email to us directly.

We look forward to conducting this research and especially the labs since that is where the differentiation, or not, between the vendors really comes out.