A few weeks ago, I shared results from Forrester’s Forrsights Software Survey Q4 2012, spotlighting the fact that strengthening customer relationships and driving revenue growth are the top prioritiesof senior business leaders today. This is playing out in the technology market where the leaders of key customer-facing functions have become driving forces behind technology spending.


In our survey of 2200 software decision-makers, the number one ranked department for investment was Sales (42%).  Customer service was tied for the second most important priority (36%), followed by Field Service (27%), and Marketing (25%).


Investment priorities for mobile technologies show a similar pattern. The Sales department tops the list in priority 48%. The next most important priority departments for mobile investment are Field Service (42%), Customer Service (34%), and Marketing (34%).


I will be discussing these trends, and others at, our upcoming Enterprise Architecture Forum: ArchitectingBusiness Outcomesin Washington DC, May 6- 7. We will host subsequent Forum for Enterprise Architecture Professionals in London, June 10- 11. See you there.