As companies work hard to deliver multichannel digital experiences (DX) to their customers, questions persist. A big question: Which channels (and, by extension, which development strategies) should we prioritize for our DX initiatives? Recent Forrester survey data provides some guidance by indicating which channels DX professionals say are top of mind in 2013.

A focus on traditional web sites remains the highest priority, cited by 80% of organizations, according to data in Forrester’s March 2013 Global Digital Experience Delivery Online Survey. (Forrester colleague Anjali Yakkundi dives deep into the survey data and its implications in her The State of Digital Customer Experience Technology, 2013 report.)

But when it comes to addressing the mobile imperative, respondents indicate two distinct layers of prioritization.

The focus on building mobile web experiences is measurably higher than the focus on developing purpose-built mobile applications. See the accompanying chart to witness the gulf between organizations extending a web experience to tablets and smartphones, over those creating specific web apps typically developed to support more specific tasks or functions.

Many organizations tell us that they’ve shifted their mobile strategy away from creating specific apps built for iOS and Android devices, unless and until they have a compelling reason to create a custom app experience.

In place of apps, alternate web development techniques, such as responsive web design, have found a growing cadre of adherents. In the case of responsive web, organizations can create a single code base that will support multiple size viewports and device types (larger and smaller than a traditional desktop website) with a consistent, similar experience. It’s one way for companies to deliver a multichannel digital experience.

Prioritization decisions vary for a multitude of reasons. What’s your take? Use the comments section to tell us where you company is focusing its mobile and multichannel efforts in 2013, and why. What has been successful at your organization? How have customers responded?