I'm really pleased to be working with ARMA International — the not-for-profit industry association representing professionals in the fields of information management, records management, compliance, and library/archives. This is the fifth year that Forrester and ARMA have jointly developed a survey to take the pulse of the profession. We're interested in understanding the top challenges, trends, buying patterns, and professional development issues in this space. As the practice of records management evolves into "information governance" and a digital-first perspective, data and insights are needed to help individuals and solution providers to make this transition.

We're interested in tracking how this market has evolved over the past five years. How are records and information managers coping with rising cloud adoption? How closely is the alignment with IT decision-makers when budgets are planned and software is acquired? How are organizations keeping pace with social media records? Can't wait to see the year-over-year trends!

If you are the decision-maker for records management initatives in your organization, please help us by taking this survey before end of day Friday, July 12. If you're not the right person — please pass along the link to your colleagues that are!

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes and is found here: https://forrester.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_1TVMsFacIFQIHaZ&Preview=Survey&BrandID=forrester.

Thanks to all of those who choose to participate!