Data Privacy Day is on January 28. But isn't all hope lost when it comes to the P-word? Interestingly, Daniel Solove is one key expert who doesn't think so: His recent Year in Privacy roundup sounds a number of positive notes, largely having to do with regulatory pressure driven by public pressure. In the age of the customer, we really can see "water wear away stone" when ordinary people demand change.  

My colleague Fatemeh Khatibloo recently published some must-read research on contextual privacy: a framework for negotiating the collection and use of personal data that ensures a fair value exchange for both the customer and the business. Don't miss the blog post where she lays out some takeaways:

  • Privacy isn't dead, it just needs redefining.
  • Privacy will be a market differentiator.
  • Privacy technology will disrupt the marketing ecosystem.

We thought it would be a good idea to team up and do a webinar — on Data Privacy Day — to describe this framework and how to implement it, including some key identity and access management elements. We hope you'll join us. (Depending on how you access Forrester research, you might need to use one or the other of these two links to register.) If you want to queue up discussion topics ahead of time, find us on Twitter at @xmlgrrl and @fatemehx2!