To capture, manage, and deliver live and on-demand video you need a video platform. Selecting the right platform helps companies maximize the impact of video on customer and employee experiences. 
Enterprises looking at applications for video across marketing, corporate communications, and training need to consider products in multiple categories. Our just-published Forrester Wave on Enterprise Video Platforms and Webcasting evaluates the 16 leading providers focused on live presentations with slides and publishing video on demand. We included BrightTALK, Cisco, InXpo, Kaltura, Kontiki, Kulu Valley, MediaPlatform, Nasdaq, On24, Panopto, Polycom, Qumu, Ramp, Sonic Foundry, TalkPoint (PGi), and VBrick in the evaluation.


Our analysis of the leaders in this market is based on customer requirements for:
  • Webcasting. Enterprises use webcasting to deliver slide presentations to large audiences attending marketing webinars and company all-hands meetings.
  • Video portal. Clients that ask Forrester about video-on demand portals often describe what they are looking for as “YouTube for the enterprise”.
  • Both. We refer to combined solutions for webcasting and video portals as Enterprise Video Platforms. Another name for this category in the market is “Video Content Management”.
Which vendors and platforms are best? Each of the providers we evaluated has strengths worth considering. Best to read the full report and use our interactive tool to match your organization’s specific requirements to the choices available.
The vendors in this Wave have solutions for both live webcasting and video on demand. We also recently completed market overviews of online video platforms focused on other areas:
Our market overview of online video platforms for digital media companies includes Adobe, Akamai, Amazon, Anvato, Brightcove, Cisco, Ericsson, Kaltura, Limelight, Microsoft, Ooyala, and thePlatform.
Our soon to be published market overview of online video platforms for sales and marketing includes Adobe, Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala, Perceptive Software, Ramp, uStudio, and Vidyard.