Service providers are vital to the success and failure of digital experience delivery initiatives. In fact, one enterprise told me their services partner was “the saving grace” of their initiative. But only if they implement the right technology products.

My colleagues Ted Schadler, Peter Sheldon, and I asked about the technology vendor partner programs of 46 digital experience service providers from a variety of DNAs including technology services, consultancies, global digital agencies, and specialist firms. We asked for their top three technology partners in six different digital experience technology categories, including WCM, eCommerce, digital asset management, analytics, and campaign management. What did we discover? The results surprised us so we wanted to share them with you:

  • Adobe was a runaway winner across a broader digital experience delivery portfolio. Adobe had more than twice as many partnerships as any other technology vendor across the six product categories. Adobe earned this distinction with partnerships in four categories: WCM, digital asset management, campaign management, and customer analytics.
  • In WCM, Sitecore and Adobe reigned, while in eCommerce hybris, IBM, and Oracle lead. Adobe, Sitecore, Drupal, Microsoft, and Acquia lead in WCM partnerships: many serviceevangelize and support these solutions. When it comes to eCommerce, however, a different set of solutions topped the list: SAP hybris, IBM, Oracle, and Demandware. Interestingly, many services firms make a living out of integrating these best-of-breed WCM solutions with these best-of-breed commerce solutions for web and mobile redesigns.

Buyers Beware: Don’t Give Your Service Provider Too Much Power In Product Selection

Service providers have a great deal of influence over their clients’ software product choices. But I have too often seen our clients make a bad product choice — one that is either too expensive or mismatched to their needs — simply because a service provider recommended it. Don’t just go with your service provider’s recommendation without first vetting the risks and pitfalls that go with it. Don’t forgo aformal requirements processes and don’t overlook an innovative and emerging product with a still growing services partner network.

Are you working on an eCommerce or WCM product selection? Working on a services partner selection for your web and mobile redesign? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below, and if you’re a client who needs help please set up an inquiry with us. Clients can also check our analysis of the relationship between service providers and digital experience product vendors here. And stayed tuned: we’re finishing up a market overview that details the service provider landscape and details their offerings to support delivering digital customer experiences.