Everywhere you go, you hear the news stories about the talent shortage of qualified software developers. This isn’t just a Silicon Valley problem or even a US problem—-it’s a global problem. We have an explosion in demand for talented software developers and higher education institutions unable to keep up with that demand. This is only going to get worse. You need software developers to win, serve, and retain customers. But so does everyone else, so you need to make sure your organization is the one people want to work for.


We recently published a report on how AD&D leaders can attract and retain development talent. There are two main types of developers. The first is the developer is driven by the money, the perks, the glory of being ‘the best’. We call this a “me” developer. The other type of developer is driven by the impact they can make not only within their job but also within the larger developer community. This is a “we” developer. Companies striving to be innovative and fiercely competitive must attract – and keep – “we” developers.


“We” developers  consistently go above and beyond their job duties on and off the clock. They spend time mentoring the next generation of developers, writing applications to better their community, and finding problems in your software to make you a better company. Our report goes into detail about how to differentiate the Me’s from the We’s, how companies are solving their talent problem, and what next steps you should take within your organization. We’d also like to hear from you about how you’re attracting and retaining your We’s  – please feel free to chime in below.