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How Would You Define A Customer Outcome?

Eric Brown April 26, 2010
Executives at large accounts with complex problems want more than your “solution” – and rarely have a line item in their budget for your offering.  Instead, they have an initiative, with a goal, an objective…and a desired outcome.  And they lament that salespeople are often unprepared to have a discussion about the buyer’s issues and […]

The Lesson Of Meaningful Use: Selling Doctors On Electronic Records

Eric Brown January 13, 2010
It seems like a no brainer.  Moving from paper-based medical charts to electronic health records (EHRs) will go a long way to improving the quality and reducing the costs of health care in the US. But it’s it been a tough sell, with only about 20% of doctors using even basic EHRs today. To move […]

White Bean Chicken Chili

Eric Brown November 26, 2008
I’m Eric Brown, a research director and 13-year veteran here at Forrester. I love to talk about topics like role-based marketing, customer experience, sales enablement, and healthcare IT.  I’ll be back to blog about those things another day.  Today, I want to talk about food. In Cambridge, five of us on the tech industry marketing […]