I’m Eric Brown, a research director and 13-year veteran here at Forrester. I love to talk about topics like role-based marketing, customer experience, sales enablement, and healthcare IT.  I’ll be back to blog about those things another day.  Today, I want to talk about food.

In Cambridge, five of us on the tech industry marketing research team get together to make lunch for the group in rotation each Wednesday.  It’s been great — I recommend it (and not just because of ‘these tough economic times.’) It was my turn today, and I brought my White Bean Chicken Chili.  Well, not mine really.  The recipe is from Cooks Illustrated.  Email me and I’ll send you the recipe. 

Sharing a meal is very much the theme in the US this week, and so I’m getting my feet wet in the blogosphere to wish my peers, customers, and readers a Happy Thanksgiving.