Jan Sythoff

Senior TEI Consultant

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The State Of IT Environmental Sustainability, 2023: Results From A Global Survey Of IT And Sustainability Decision-Makers

Abhijit Sunil April 21, 2023
Technology and sustainability leaders can use the insights in this report to benchmark their own state of IT environmental sustainability.

Integrate Sustainability Into Your Value Proposition

Jan Sythoff April 12, 2022
Environmental considerations are increasingly important for organizations when deciding on IT and technology-related investments. Many IT and technology solutions can have a positive environmental impact, which bears underscoring to stakeholders — most notably, to customers.

Communications And Collaboration Technology For Remote Workers

Jan Sythoff April 22, 2020
Forrester has completed several Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) studies focused on communication and collaboration technology. Higher productivity is a key, consistent, and measurable benefit. We found that there are several ways in which employee efficiency and effectiveness can be improved.