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Scoring Our 2023 Sustainability Predictions: How Did We Do?

Abhijit Sunil November 8, 2023
Forrester reviews its 2023 sustainability predictions by scoring each individual prediction in depth. This year, one of our five predictions received an A score, three received a B score, and one received a C score. Considering several unanticipated economic challenges across industries, these scores indicate continued progress and opportunities in the green market revolution.

Prognosen 2024: Die ökologische Nachhaltigkeit tritt in die heiße Phase

Abhijit Sunil 6 November 2023
Von Waldbränden über Überschwemmungen bis hin zu Hitzewellen: 2023 war ein vom Klimachaos geprägtes Jahr. Erfahren Sie in den Forrester-Prognosen für ökologische Nachhaltigkeit, was das Jahr 2024 für Unternehmen bringen wird.

Predictions 2024: The Heat Is On For The Green Market

Abhijit Sunil November 6, 2023
From wildfires to floods to heat waves, 2023 has been marked by climate chaos. Learn what businesses can expect in 2024 with Forrester’s environmental sustainability predictions.

Prévisions 2024 : Le Green Market entre dans une phase brûlante

Abhijit Sunil 1 Novembre 2023
Des feux de forêt aux inondations en passant par les vagues de chaleur, 2023 a été marquée par le chaos climatique. Découvrez ce à quoi les entreprises peuvent s’attendre en 2024 grâce aux prévisions de Forrester en matière de durabilité environnementale.

Introducing The Inaugural Landscape And Forrester Wave™ Evaluation On IT Sustainability Services

Abhijit Sunil October 2, 2023
The demand for services that can help decarbonize IT is surging as the services continue to evolve. Learn how two new reports can help guide your IT sustainability journey.

Heat Reuse In Data Centers May Be Required And Regulated

Abhijit Sunil August 16, 2023
Debates surrounding the Energy Efficiency Act, which aims to reduce energy use in public authorities, corporations, and data centers, will potentially influence future laws globally. Why is this important and what does it mean? Here’s the context: Data centers use a lot of energy. The International Energy Agency estimated that global data center electricity consumption […]

Generative AI Will Supercharge The Green Market Revolution

Abhijit Sunil July 16, 2023
The advent of generative AI brings immense potential for the technology to aid in areas of environmental sustainability efforts. This incudes measurement and reporting, research and revolution, and design and manufacturing, among others. Find out the details in this blog.

The State Of IT Environmental Sustainability, 2023: Results From A Global Survey Of IT And Sustainability Decision-Makers

Abhijit Sunil April 21, 2023
Technology and sustainability leaders can use the insights in this report to benchmark their own state of IT environmental sustainability.

Responding To Today’s Global Uncertainty With Sustainability

Paul Miller March 14, 2023
Last year, a number of Forrester analysts discussed how manufacturers are responding to the challenges their industry faces right now. As I wrote at the time: “Energy prices are scary. Supply chain disruptions are scary. Workforce modernization and empowerment are hard. Budgets are tightening. Hardware upgrades are expensive, slow, and painful. Aligning the competing (or, […]

Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Mary de Wysocki, Chief Sustainability Officer at Cisco

Abhijit Sunil March 7, 2023
Read this interview with Cisco's chief sustainability officer Mary de Wysocki to learn about her priorities in building up the sustainability team and the challenges that lie ahead in the telecommunications sector.

The SEC’s Proposed Rule On Climate Disclosure Has Teeth, Leaving Supporters And Opponents Simultaneously Unhappy

Alla Valente February 16, 2023
The proposed pivot from suggestion to regulation will require companies to take climate risk seriously — and do a lot of math. All corporations that file with the SEC will need to be prepared.

Predictions 2023: Environmental Sustainability Becomes A Strategic Imperative, Ushering In A Green Market Revolution

Abhijit Sunil November 2, 2022


A Seven-Step Guide To A Successful Technology Sustainability Strategy

Abhijit Sunil October 28, 2022
With COP26 coming up, here are seven actionable steps to build a successful sustainability strategy from scratch.

Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Dell Technologies

Abhijit Sunil October 25, 2022
Get an inside look at Dell's sustainability strategy from Page Motes, Dell Technologies Head of Corporate Sustainability.

Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Amazon Web Services

Abhijit Sunil September 7, 2022
Learn about the the primary carbon reduction levers from being on the public cloud vs. being on premise from Christopher Wellise, director of sustainability and carbon at Amazon Web Services.

Einführung in das Forrester Tech Sustainability Framework

Abhijit Sunil 26 August 2022
Dieser Blog bietet einen detaillierten Einblick für Unternehmensleiter zur Analyse der Nachhaltigkeit und skizziert Schritte, die sowohl Technologieanbieter als auch Verbraucher unternehmen können.

Durabilité : La Contradiction Des Technologies Émergentes

Abhijit Sunil 25 Août 2022
De nombreuses technologies, émergentes elles-mêmes, ne sont pas toujours durables dans toutes les applications. En savoir plus.

Le Tech Sustainability Framework

Abhijit Sunil 22 Août 2022
Un cadre détaillé permettant aux chefs d'entreprise d'analyser la durabilité et qui décrit les mesures que les fournisseurs de technologie et les consommateurs peuvent prendre.

The US Is Spending Nearly Half Of A Trillion Dollars On Climate And Infrastructure, Seeding The Green Market Revolution

Amy DeMartine August 15, 2022
Forrester’s research team reviews the major business implications of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Forr The Planet: Sustainability Interview Series — Thoughtworks

Abhijit Sunil August 3, 2022
Cloud carbon footprint calculation and optimization is a critical part of an organization’s overall sustainability strategy. Forrester’s technology sustainability framework highlights the importance of addressing cloud and technology architecture for reducing the overall scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in any industry. I recently talked with the core leadership team at Thoughtworks that led the […]
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