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The Total Economic Impact™ Of DEI: Why Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Matter

Stephanie Slate August 25, 2021
Essentially, as CX improves, more customers will comply with a department’s directives, engage with it proactively, speak well of it, trust it, and forgive its mistakes. And if the data is holistic and allows for true representation, it will allow government operations to cost less and run more smoothly.

The Business Impact Of VDI

Mbenoye Diagne October 29, 2020


Communications And Collaboration Technology For Remote Workers

Jan Sythoff April 22, 2020
Forrester has completed several Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) studies focused on communication and collaboration technology. Higher productivity is a key, consistent, and measurable benefit. We found that there are several ways in which employee efficiency and effectiveness can be improved.