The chaotic conditions of 2020 are amplifying the demand for solutions that empower employees while enabling business as usual, begging the questions:

  • What about during times of business as unusual?
  • How do companies adapt when forced to shut down offices and migrate employees to a work-from-home model overnight?
  • How will you facilitate remote access for your workforce?

Many of our clients have addressed these concerns through virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

VDI capabilities simplify IT management and enable remote access during crises.

Interruptions are disruptive, whether they are born of a global pandemic or a failed hard drive. Empowering employees with the tools they need to be successful and lessening the impact of such interruptions on their daily work lives are major pluses for the collective employee experience. From recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) studies, Forrester identified the following benefits:

  • Simplified desktop management improves efficiency and allows for management of more devices in less time
  • Reduced end user downtime related to management and security issues
  • Streamlined application and patch management, saving more than an hour handling each device

As with any purchase, consider the unique characteristics and performance needs of your organization to determine whether a VDI (and which one) is the right solution.

Today, many employees are working from home out of necessity. However, the new normal may see employees asking to choose their work environment while maintaining productivity.

Remote access is missioncritical in these times to connect employees with the resources they need to remain productive. For some organizations, a VDI solution is one way teffect remote access quickly and at scale.

The next step in your journey can be to use these examples to build your business case. Or it may be a Forrester TEI study. To discuss how Forrester could quantify and convey the value of your VDI solution, send us a note at