From its birth as one of the highest-rated track sessions at IT Forum earlier this year to its recent publication as the Forrester report "Best Practices: Building High-Performance Application Development Teams," Jeffrey Hammond's research on the techniques that leading development shops use to drive their success has been wowing application development professionals.

Are you facing this challenge? Are your business stakeholders demanding faster delivery of more innovation? Is the software you deliver increasingly vital to the success of your business? Then you can't afford to miss this upcoming event:

Webinar: "Building High-Performance Developer Teams"
Hosted by: Jeffrey Hammond, Principal Analyst, and Mike Gilpin, VP and Research Director
When: Thursday, November 18, 2010, at 11 a.m. EST (-05:00 GMT)
Duration: 1 hour

Registration link:

Description: Join this Webinar to:

  • Learn how to adjust your recruiting practices to attract the right creative professionals for your team.
  • Understand what creates an intrinsically motivating culture for developers.
  • Discover how best to manage your teams with a streamlined set of Lean software development practices that maximize creative “flow.”
  • See what “next practices” are emerging in the most advanced shops to further drive breakthrough performance.

Please join us! I look forward to the opportunity to share our research with you and answer your questions about how to apply these learnings in your shop.

Mike Gilpin
VP/Research Director
Forrester Research