The number and complexity of cyberthreats are increasing. Traditional antimalware tools may not be adequate to protect your organization. As hackers create new, more-sophisticated malware, endpoint security solutions provide a critical line of defense, protecting PCs, laptops, and servers from malicious threats. Why is this important? Because employee endpoints are the interface between employees and the corporate data and applications they need to do their jobs. Attackers understand this and actively target employee endpoints as well as the server endpoints hosting corporate data.

New Forrester Data Endpoint Security Software Forecast

Forrester Data just published its first Endpoint Security Software Forecast, 2016 To 2021 (Global). We expect the endpoint security software market to grow at a 4.5% CAGR over the next five years. We expect to see double-digit growth for the application integrity protection and endpoint visibility and control (EVC) segments. These new, emerging endpoint technologies will offset declines in more traditional endpoint security suites.

The new, more-effective endpoint security solutions are gaining share. For example, EVC products give security and risk professionals real-time visibility into the endpoint environment, allowing them to discover and stop potential threats before they propagate. This is an evolution from traditional products without remediation or containment capabilities. We expect these “next-gen” solutions to be the main market drivers over the next five years. While typically more expensive than traditional antimalware tools, these products are more effective and limit the burden on system resources.

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