Today Forrester closed the deal to acquire SiriusDecisions. You can find our press release here.

SiriusDecisions helps business-to-business companies align the functions of sales, marketing, and product management; Sirius clients grow 19% faster and are 15% more profitable than their peers. Leaders within these companies make more informed business decisions through access to industry analysts, research, benchmark data, peer networks, events, and continuous learning courses, while their companies run the “Sirius Way” based on proven, industry-leading models and frameworks.Forrester acquisition of SiriusDecisions

Why Forrester and SiriusDecisions? Forrester provides the strategy needed to be successful in the age of the customer; SiriusDecisions provides the operational excellence. The combined unique value can be summarized in a simple statement:

We work with business and technology leaders to develop customer-obsessed strategies and operations that drive growth.

And the paths to growth are changing. Forrester’s 2019 Predictions outline the challenges that lie ahead:

  • Companies must transform to keep pace with digitally savvy, restless customers.
  • They should reposition their internal structure to better capitalize on emerging technologies.
  • Organizations must respond to a constant barrage of internal and external disruptions in their respective industries.

To SiriusDecisions clients, I pledge that we will not dilute the amazing service and value that SiriusDecisions has delivered to you for years. We will collaborate with you to improve and widen the Sirius Way — making it available globally, extending it to new disciplines (like IT), and taking it to new industries.

To Forrester clients, I am very pleased that we will be able to offer you the Sirius Way as a means of sharpening your customer operations. You won’t be able to win the future without executing at a high level day-to-day — that’s what SiriusDecisions will do for you.

Forrester has a long history of successful acquisitions — from Giga to Jupiter to Fletcher Research in the UK to Springboard in Asia and to our 2018 acquisitions of FeedbackNow and GlimpzIt. Over the years, we have learned to minimize disruption and maximize value for our clients. Our clients are the “North Star” of the deal — they guide the direction, structure, and timing of how we come together.

We are very excited to bring the powerful combined value of Forrester + SiriusDecisions to the market. Great works lie ahead.