As a mariner, I know the value of paying attention to the tides to navigate complex waterways in previously untraveled waters. This Tech Tide™ enables security and risk pros to identify wasteful and redundant technologies while focusing on the current attack surface. As attacks increase in sophistication, Zero Trust threat detection and response has become more critical to a firm’s ability to win, serve, and retain customers. These capabilities are critical in identifying ongoing attacks that may have evaded preventive tools and can help protect you from costly data breaches.

We recently published a report, The Forrester Tech Tide™: Zero Trust Threat Detection And Response, Q3 2023, that presents the maturity and business value of these technologies. We have identified that the emphasis has shifted from network security to endpoint and cloud monitoring technologies, such as EDR, XDR, SA, CWS, and SOAR. Once vital stand-alone solutions, such as DLP and sandboxing, are now features within combined security offerings.

Each technology was classified into one of four quadrants:

  1. Low maturity and low business value technologies. Most enterprises should limit their exposure to these technologies to bounded experiments, waiting for the expected business value of these newer categories to improve before investing.
  2. Low maturity and high business value technologies. These new technologies have ripened to the point that enterprises can confidently invest.
  3. High maturity and high business value technologies. These are the bread-and-butter technologies that most enterprises rely on to run their business. They’re generally stable, well-understood technologies that continue to have high returns to the business. Most enterprises should maintain their installations and usage of these technologies.
  4. High maturity and low business value technologies. These older technology categories have reached a point where their business value has dropped. Most enterprises should look for newer, higher-value replacements and divest from these categories.

For each technology, we also provide a shortlist of sample vendors and a ranking of the cost to implement.

Forrester clients, if you’d like a deeper dive, please set up an inquiry or guidance session with Heath Mullins.

(written with Alexis Tatro, senior research associate at Forrester)


The Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award

We’re excited to announce that we’re accepting entries for the Security & Risk Enterprise Leadership Award! This is an excellent opportunity to showcase how your organization builds trust and gain recognition for your efforts. We can’t wait to see how you have transformed security, privacy, and risk management to drive trusted relationships with customers, employees, and partners to fuel your organization’s long-term success.

The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, September 12, 2023. To view complete award nomination criteria and submit an entry, visit here.