Hello, my name is Fahad Ehsan, and I am the newest analyst on the Forrester’s security and risk team. I will be joining Frederic Giron, Jinan Budge, and David Holmes, conducting research on managed security service providers, vulnerability management, Zero Trust, and cloud security.

Tell Us About Yourself

I was born and raised in Lahore, the second-biggest city in Pakistan and a cultural hub. I moved to Singapore in 2003 to study, where I completed my bachelor’s degree in computing from NUS (National University of Singapore). I’ve called Singapore home ever since. My journey in cybersecurity started back in 2009. My work in engineering, product management, and security operations prepared me well for the future. And now I’ve join Forrester. I’m very grateful to all the people in my life who’ve supported me along the way!

How Did You Get Interested In Cybersecurity? 

Completely by accident. After I graduated from university, I wanted to become a game developer. However, I couldn’t find a suitable job in the market. I worked as a one-man-show IT guy at a manufacturing company for a year. While there, I developed an interest in IT security (the old name for cybersecurity!). I was hired as a graduate analyst in my next job and spent six months each with three departments. I was lucky to land a role on the IT security team after completing my graduate program.

Later on, I got an opportunity to work in the vulnerability management (VM) field. Fast-forward 12 years later, and I became an expert in VM. Along the way, I built skills in security information and events management (SIEM) systems and Python, helping cyber teams automate their processes and become self-sufficient. I’m fascinated by the potential of AI/ML in helping find solutions both in cybersecurity and other settings.

Fun Facts?

  • I’ve won two global awards for my philanthropic work while working at large multinational corporations.
  • I have three kids who keep me busy and challenged.
  • I’m passionate about sports. I can play cricket, badminton, and tennis all day.
  • While living in Southeast Asia, I’ve fallen in love with a variety of food. I would like to create fusion food someday (e.g., laksa with chicken tikka just for fun!).

What Are Your Research Plans?

I will be collaborating with other analysts across Forrester, and I plan to focus my energies on a few areas for the rest of 2022:

  • Managed security service providers in APAC
  • Zero Trust implementation in APAC
  • Vulnerability management

Touching Base

You can connect with me via fehsan@forrester.com. I’m available for briefings and inquiries. I would love to hear your thoughts on the latest cybersecurity trends.