With vaccine rollouts continuing en masse in many countries, companies are starting to get greater clarity on their return-to-work strategy. Forrester’s research has been clear on the return to work: 30% of companies will return to the office “as normal,” 60% will operate in a hybrid model, and 10% will transition to an “anywhere work” strategy, in which employees primarily work remotely. This will pose a major employee engagement challenge for organizations as they support employees through yet another potentially stressful transition. But just as tech served as the lifeline for remote working during the pandemic, it will continue to prove vital in employee engagement for all organizations, regardless of which return-to-work strategy they choose.

Forrester’s Employee Experience Index identifies that 30% of the factors that most influence employee engagement are technology-related. The question remains:

How do you effectively manage a modern employee technology experience in the future of work?

At Forrester, we’ve been clear that managing the daily experience of employees requires much more than a tool. Overcoming the top challenges of tech experience improvement requires new processes, organizational support, and skills, too. Our latest report, “Best Practices: Technology Experience Management,” lays out five key challenges in technology experience improvement:

  • Prioritization: “Where do we start?”
  • Organization: “Who owns what?”
  • Technical debt: “How do we deal with legacy tools, processes, and skill sets?”
  • Adoption: “How do we get employees to use new technology?”
  • Continuous improvement: “How do we continue innovating?”

This report is the result of months of research with dozens of enterprise clients from multiple industries across the globe, leveraging my end user experience management research and the expertise of our new future-of-work analyst, Jonathan Roberts. We offer 15 unique best practices to help overcome each of the five challenges, with plenty of data and real-world examples to help your organization improve employees’ technology experiences in 2021.

Clients can access the report here. Want to learn more? Reach out to inquiry@forrester.com to schedule an inquiry with myself and Jonathan.