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Initial Thoughts From Round 2 Of MITRE’s Enterprise ATT&CK Evaluation

Josh Zelonis April 24, 2020
What an amazing year it’s been for the ATT&CK evals team, going from an initial cohort of seven vendors in round 1 to 21 vendors for round 2. The industry adoption of this evaluation has been nothing short of amazing and is well deserved. With that said, I’m pleased to once again contribute my thoughts […]

The Evolution Of Enterprise Detection And Response

Josh Zelonis February 5, 2020
When the endpoint detection and response (EDR, which was also referred to as endpoint threat detection and response, or ETDR, at the time) market was getting started, there was a lot of pushback, ranging from privacy concerns to what the acceptance of a second security agent on endpoints would be (apparently, it was never going […]

The Fight For Cybersecurity Brand Dominance Intensifies

Jeff Pollard November 16, 2018
“Everything Is An Endpoint” Brings BlackBerry Back From The Dead For many, the fact that BlackBerry still exists — and the fact that it spent $1.4 billion of the $2.4 billion in capital it had — is the most surprising part of the Cylance acquisition. BlackBerry hasn’t shirked its mythological status as the case study of what […]

EDR Convergence Into Traditional Endpoints Is Overblown And Misdirected

Josh Zelonis March 27, 2018
  I’m going to start this blog post by saying that if you only read one paragraph, scroll down and make it the last one. I’m frequently approached by vendors who want to know my thoughts on the convergence of endpoint detection and response (EDR) and endpoint protection (EP) into a single-agent solution. “It only […]

Inside Infosec Teams

Jeff Pollard November 16, 2017
Announcing Our New Security & Risk Staffing Survey! Information security is one of the hottest fields around. Data abounds about how awesome it is to work in infosec, how many jobs are available, and how much money can be made. That all sounds great, except it’s pretty hard to find great research on what it’s […]

Equifax Does More Than Credit Scores

Jeff Pollard September 8, 2017
Our reaction to the Equifax breach was similar to what we imagine many people went through. First, we wanted to know if we were affected. Second, what about our spouse and other immediate family members? Third, better keep an eye on the old credit report or initiate a credit freeze. Since Forrester offers credit monitoring […]

Endpoint Security Solutions Offer A First Line Of Defense Against Cyberthreats

Jennifer Adams August 24, 2017
The number and complexity of cyberthreats are increasing. Traditional antimalware tools may not be adequate to protect your organization. As hackers create new, more-sophisticated malware, endpoint security solutions provide a critical line of defense, protecting PCs, laptops, and servers from malicious threats. Why is this important? Because employee endpoints are the interface between employees and […]

Calling All Endpoint Detection And Response Vendors

Josh Zelonis July 21, 2017
On July 25, we’re going to start sending out detailed questionnaires to vendors that qualify for our upcoming report entitled Vendor Landscape: Endpoint Detection And Response, 2017. This report will be a collaboration between Chris Sherman and myself, with an expected publication date in September. We will be approaching a product category that is about […]