Even though the report is live, I continue to reflect on the research behind the customer feedback management (CFM) Forrester Wave™. I am reminded once again how important it is for CFM shoppers to do their homework. This is because — as many of us know — selecting the “right” vendor is no easy task.

Each day, Forrester customers continue to show us that just because one CFM buyer has an exceptional experience with a vendor does not ensure that the same is guaranteed for other buyers. I hear from clients about the challenges they face with their current solution, vendor strengths and weaknesses, who may have oversold and underdelivered, who is truly helping to drive change, and more. And all of this information is great, but how can we help CFM shoppers put it to good use and make sure that they are not distracted by a bright shiny CFM solution and make the wrong decision?

If you are looking for a CFM platform provider, this Forrester Wave on CFM is a great starting point. The evaluation assumes the viewpoint of an enterprise organization challenged by silos (but aiming to break them down) that’s looking for a platform and associated services that can help propel its efforts forward by making the most of the data that it has available coupled with surveys. From the hundreds of conversations that I have had with CFM buyers and customers, I also know that requirements vary . . . a lot. Another consideration is that there are many other vendors in this space — this includes other CFM vendors and VoC specialists. Therefore, I recommend that you go beyond the Forrester Wave graphic and:

  • Download the Excel sheet that is associated with the Wave graphic.
  • View the detailed product evaluations in the Excel sheet — these explain the criteria.
  • Adapt criteria weightings to fit your needs and see your custom ranking.
  • Call me to discuss your needs.

Also, over the next few weeks, look for “Applying The Wave: Customer Feedback Management Platforms, Q4 2018,” where we will discuss additional insights gathered from the Wave research!