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Supercharging Data Fabrics With Generative AI

Noel Yuhanna September 8, 2023
With the explosion of interest in generative AI and large language models, data fabric is poised to accelerate data democratization. Find out why.

Demystifying Real-Time Data For Analytics And Operational Workloads

Noel Yuhanna September 8, 2023
I often get client inquiries about latency requirements to support real-time analytics and operational workloads. The challenge is that “real time” can vary from milliseconds to minutes depending on the use case. At its core, real-time data refers to data made available immediately (or almost immediately) to support operational and analytical workloads. This data may […]

Vector Database: The Key To Unlocking The Power Of Generative AI

Noel Yuhanna August 21, 2023
In the age of generative AI (genAI), vector databases are becoming increasingly important. They provide a critical capability for storing and retrieving high-dimensional vector representations, essential for supporting large language models (LLMs). Unlike traditional databases that are optimized for exact matches, vector databases are designed to support similarity searches. Vector databases are ideal for applications […]

What Are The Hottest Data Management Trends? Find Out At Data Strategy & Insights 2023

Noel Yuhanna August 4, 2023
Despite huge progress in data, analytics, and AI platforms and tools, our data challenges keep stacking up! The fundamental business needs of storing, processing, and accessing data are complicated by ongoing cloud migration, growing data variety and volumes, demand for real-time everything, and ever-expanding regulatory and compliance mandates. Data management — which includes data ingestion, […]

Uneven Innovation At AWS re:Invent 2022

Lee Sustar December 8, 2022
Some 14 Forrester analysts attended this year’s AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas. The conference was a mix of innovation in some areas — particularly compute and networking, along with a co-engineering approach to industry cloud — but plateaus in others, such as hybrid and edge. Efficiency and consolidation were underlying themes, from amping up AI/ML […]

Want To Future-Proof Your Data Architecture? Find Out How At The Data Strategy & Insights Event

Noel Yuhanna November 4, 2022
Get tips for modernizing your data architecture with data fabric 2.0 in this preview of our Data Strategy & Insights event.

What’s The Future Of Data Management? Find Out At The Data Strategy & Insights Event

Noel Yuhanna September 29, 2021
Traditional data strategies struggle to meet business needs. Learn about the data management strategies of the future in this sneak preview of our upcoming event.

Introducing The Forrester Wave™: Graph Data Platforms, Q4 2020

Noel Yuhanna November 18, 2020
We recently published “The Forrester Wave™: Graph Data Platforms, Q4 2020” evaluation to help organizations make the appropriate decision when choosing a vendor. Although Forrester has been covering graph databases for more than a decade, this is the first vendor comparison report. While we have long contemplated doing a Wave in this space, it was […]

Choosing The Right NoSQL Product

Noel Yuhanna March 14, 2019
NoSQL is more than a decade old! Only a few years ago, we were talking about how NoSQL was still maturing and its ecosystem still evolving. Today, NoSQL is used by more than half of large companies around the globe to support all kinds of workloads. Companies like its flexible, schemaless model, portability, and lower […]

Forrester’s First-Ever Data Strategy & Insights Forum — Don’t Miss It!

Noel Yuhanna November 15, 2018
Today, business users need trusted data fast to make better business decisions, while business technology needs require lowering costs, minimizing complexity, and improving efficiency. In addition, the proliferation of data, and the explosion of new data sources such as social media, IoT and mobile, further aggravate the issue. Poorly integrated business data often leads to […]

Cloudera And Hortonworks Merger: A Win-Win For All

Noel Yuhanna October 4, 2018
Cloudera and Hortonworks jointly announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which the companies will combine in an all-stock merger of equals. Under the terms of the agreement, Cloudera stockholders will own approximately 60% of the equity of the combined company and Hortonworks stockholders will own 40%. While both have been fierce […]

Oracle's ATP Raises The Bar On Database Administration

Noel Yuhanna August 22, 2018
Oracle recently launched its Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP) service to complement its Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) offering. Similar to ADW, Oracle’s ATP service focuses on self-tuning, self-securing, and self-managing but for OLTP databases. An important part of its autonomous database strategy is its Exadata appliance, which is a scale-out optimized database system. While Oracle has some […]

Information Fabric 3.0 Delivers The Next Generation Of Data Virtualization

Noel Yuhanna August 15, 2013
For decades, firms have deployed applications and BI on independent databases and warehouses, supporting custom data models, scalability, and performance while speeding delivery. It’s become a nightmare to try to integrate the proliferation of data across these sources in order to deliver the unified view of business data required to support new business applications, analytics, […]

Cisco’s Acquisition Of Composite Software Brings Data Intelligence To The Networks

Noel Yuhanna June 20, 2013
Cisco’s acquisition of Composite Software is unique compared with the ones it’s done in the past. This acquisition makes networks more knowledgeable about data — a piece that’s been missing from Cisco’s framework. Today, digital information that flows through networks is not data-aware. To networks, data is just represented as bits and bytes. There’s no […]

Strong Growth And Innovation Seen For Information-As-A-Service In 2011

Noel Yuhanna November 22, 2010
Over the course of this year, I’ve spoken with many organizations that are continuing to expand their usage of information-as-a-service (sometimes called data services) to support new business requirements such as self-service customer portals, real-time BI, and single-version-of-the-truth. With the growing complexity of data, increasing volume of data, and exploding security challenges all driving demand, […]

How Many DBAs Do You Need To Support Databases?

Noel Yuhanna September 30, 2010
I frequently get asked the question of how many databases a DBA typically manages. Over the past five years, I have interviewed hundreds of organizations on this topic, asking them about their ratios and how they improved them. Typically I find that the current industry average is 40 databases to a DBA for large enterprises ($1 billion+ in revenue), with the […]

Take Part In Forrester’s Database Management Survey

Noel Yuhanna September 7, 2010
Forrester is currently running a database management survey assessing the state of the database market. We are surveying companies across various verticals to understand the type of DBMS they use, what challenges they face and what initiatives are currently being undertaken or planned for in the coming years. We’re looking at what’s working and what’s not, and […]

Join Our Data Management Tweet Jam On MDM’s Next Evolution: Tuesday, July 20, 3-4 PM ET

Noel Yuhanna July 20, 2010
Many large organizations have finally “seen the light” and are trying to figure out the best way to treat their critical data as the trusted asset it should be. As a result, master data management (MDM) strategies and the enabling architectures, organizational and governance models, methodologies, and technologies that support the delivery of MDM capabilities are…in […]

Database Migrations Are Finally Becoming Simpler

Noel Yuhanna June 30, 2010
Lately I have been getting quite a few inquiries on database migrations asking me about migration approaches, best practices, and tooling. Some of the reasons why companies are looking at migrations are because of staffing issues, scalability and security concerns, and cost-saving strategies. Migrations have always been complex, time consuming, and expensive, because each DBMS has proprietary data […]

Sybase Acquisition By SAP – A Great Move

Noel Yuhanna May 17, 2010
Recently, SAP announced a definitive agreement to acquire Sybase for $5.8 billion, at $65 a share, a 44% premium over the share's three-month average price. The transaction is expected to close during the third quarter of 2010. Sybase will operate as a standalone unit under the name “Sybase, a SAP Company,” and be run by […]
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