A common feature in the threat intelligence platform (TIP) space is aggregation of data and providing an interface for managing threat intelligence — this seems to be where the product visions diverge. While many of these platforms have been around for years, until there is a unified vision for these products, I continue to view this as a still emerging space. For this reason, I feel the best place to begin coverage is with a New Tech report to explore the value proposition and vision of the different players which I will conduct with an expected publication date in Q1 2018.

Given this is Q4, and I’m not the Grinch (don’t try me on less sleep), I’m going to open vendor participation for the next 6 weeks with a hard deadline of Dec 22, 2017 to request and submit responses to the survey I am conducting. As I receive a lot of briefings where vendors have different definitions for this space, I’m going to keep participation requirements broad in that the only requirement for participation is that you have a product that is marketed as a TIP and manages threat intelligence. Participation is recommended as provided data will be used for segmenting the market, helping Forrester clients make purchasing decisions, and informing future research.