Hi everyone. This post is from Chenxi Wang, your new security analyst :-). I’ve been with Forrester for an entire week! I polled a few senior folks in the industry to get their opinion on this year’s top trends at RSA. Here is the feedback (it was difficult to derive consensus, so I compiled the top four responses.) They are listed in the Letterman fashion, from #4 to #1, [Drum rolls…]: 

#4: A raft of identity management solutions brings a renewed focus on identity management. Federated identity will continue to languish.

#3:  There will be lots of services plays (be they software as a service, MSSP, or proserv of various sorts).

#2. Everything will be about endpoint security, particularly mobile devices. However, there are a lot of impending mergers and acquisitions. Also, this year we should see aggressively priced imported components from Asia that create price pressure.

And the #1 trend in RSA 2007 is…

#1: There are a lot of conversations on risk management but little consensus on what RM really means.

People who participated in this poll:

Becky Bace: Venture consultant, Trident Capital

Mark Cummings: Managing Partner, enVia Technology Partners, Inc.

Dr. Ravi Ganesan: Founder and CTO of TriCipher, Inc.

Dr. Joe Pato: HP fellow

John Muir: Managing Partner, Trusted strategies. Founder of Pointsec