Demystify Budget Priorities Crucial For A Resilient Cybersecurity Strategy

Get our 2024 Planning Guide to balancing investments in risk and growth while tackling BYOAI challenges created by generative AI.

Despite a challenging economy and rapidly expanding attack surface, security and risk leaders are being asked to improve cybersecurity outcomes with limited budgets. As a result, cybersecurity spending will become hyperfocused on areas where it can deliver the most business value.

That’s the headline in our 2024 planning guide for security and risk professionals. The report reveals flat budget expectations for the year ahead, despite the increased need for risk mitigation.

Planning Guide 2024: Security And Risk

Download the report to see why tough cybersecurity budget decisions lie ahead. It uncovers crucial 2024 budget benchmarks to help you fund a cybersecurity strategy to mitigate risk while supporting business growth objectives.


Read the report to:

  • Learn which cybersecurity priorities are getting the biggest annual spending increases.
  • Learn which cybersecurity categories will see flat or decreased investment for 2024.
  • Get exclusive benchmark data to validate your budget and see where you could be over- or underinvesting.


What’s inside?

  • An overview of changes to cybersecurity strategy and budget allocations across five categories
  • Opportunities to invest or defend investments in API security, detection, Zero Trust, cloud, and governance
  • Guidance on how to fund secure AI, machine learning, distributed identity, and more


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