Target Your 2024 Technology Planning On Growth

Supercharge your tech planning with insight into where budgets are headed and why 59% of AI software spend will be on generative AI by 2030.

With continued market uncertainty and tech disruption, there’s never been a better time to focus your tech spend on initiatives that focus on growth and revenue.

Download our 2024 planning guide for technology executives to see new industry benchmark data on where technology budgets are shifting and how new investments can help generate business value.

Planning Guide 2024: Technology Executives

This research forecasts modest tech budget increases ahead but a bigger emphasis on aligning investments with business needs. It also shows where spend can be targeted to accelerate emerging tech adoption and create customer-centric business growth.

Read these 2024 budget insights to know where to invest, divest, and experiment with your technology planning — with guidance on where your peers are investing in tech to thread customer, employee, and partner journeys together on growth.


Get your copy of this report to:

  • Compare your 2024 technology planning to industry benchmarks.
  • Identify the infrastructure spend that’s topping 2024 budgets.
  • Pinpoint where funding for AI is rising — and adding value.


What’s inside?

  • Where investments in ERP, call centers, and CRM are increasing
  • How peers are investing in partnerships to build value streams
  • How to focus 2024 tech spending on opportunities that have strong business alignment


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