Planning Guides 2023

Mixed economic signals and fluctuating markets worldwide are complicating this planning season. Where should you make bold investments, where should you cut back, and where might you have room to experiment?

To help affirm your budgeting and decision-making in this time of uncertainty, Forrester’s research team has developed a suite of planning resources that provide data-driven, research-backed insights and recommendations across business functions. Explore our complimentary guides, blog posts, and podcasts below.

Slower spending mixed with turbulent employment trends will make 2023 planning and budgeting difficult to navigate. Watch this video to hear Forrester Chief Research Officer Sharyn Leaver describe how our new planning guides and related materials will help your organization make the right decisions heading into 2023.


The Keys To 2023 Planning? Discipline And Precision

Volatility will complicate planning for the coming year, but an intentional approach to investments and cuts will help businesses succeed.


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Planning Guide 2023: Technology Executives

Don’t let up on tech investments in 2023. Technology executives will still need to build continuity between tech investment and business objectives to deliver customer value.

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Planning Guide 2023: Security & Risk

Cyberattacks and data breaches don’t pause with an economic slowdown. Security leaders must continue to invest in the controls and solutions that protect their organizations in any business environment.


Steadfast Technology Decisions Will Deliver Business Value In 2023

CIOs must approach their 2023 planning and budgeting period with a growth mindset. Get three takeaways from Forrester's 2023 planning guide for technology executives.

New Security & Risk Planning Guide Helps CISOs Set 2023 Priorities

Which security technologies should be getting the investment in 2023, and which ones should you be scaling back on? Read a few key takeaways from our planning guide for security and risk leaders.

Budget Pressure Forces Tech Leaders To Face The Legacy Of Technical Debt

Increase, decrease, or experiment? Get tips on assessing your 2023 technology spending plans.

Where Tech Leaders Should Focus Spend In 2023

Where should technology leaders focus their 2023 investments? In this episode, VP, Research Director Chris Gardner and Principal Analyst Chris Gilchrist review the recommendations in Forrester’s new planning guides for technology leaders.

CX, B2C Marketing, & Digital

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Planning Guide 2023: Customer Experience

Many CX leaders are overly optimistic about their 2023 budgets, our data shows. Discover how to allocate CX budget wisely in this guide. Learn which projects and skills will produce ROI that can boost CX’s reputation during a time of economic downturn.


CX Leaders Are Overly Optimistic About Their 2023 Budgets

In this challenging economic climate, CX leaders must invest to maximize the ROI of their CX programs. Those who don’t will find their budgets slashed — especially if economic troubles persist.
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Planning Guide 2023: B2C Marketing Executives

In 2022, B2C marketing executives have shown that continuing to invest in marketing can help stave off the effects of an economic downturn. The same will apply in 2023 — half of leaders plan to increase their budgets in 2023 — but there’s a twist.


B2C Marketing Executives: Focus Your 2023 Marketing Plans On High-Value, Customer-First Strategies

Read a few of our key takeaways on where to invest, where to cut, and where to experiment to create a smart B2C marketing budget in 2023.
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Planning Guide 2023: Digital Business & Strategy

If the pandemic taught businesses anything, it’s that the right digital investments can keep a company running in the toughest of times. Maintain momentum in 2023 by focusing investments on customers and employees — not shiny objects.


Digital Businesses: Make Strategic Investments In 2023 To Survive Economic Turbulence

To succeed with digital business in 2023, invest and innovate judiciously by doubling down on customers’ pressing needs.

B2B Marketing

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Planning Guide 2023: B2B Marketing Executives

In 2022, enterprise companies that increased their marketing investment saw a 20% increase in revenue. In 2023, rely on data and insights to make decisions for long-term growth.


Three Data-Driven Trends That Will Shape B2B CMOs’ 2023 Planning

To thrive in a turbulent year, B2B marketing leaders will need to spend strategically. Taking cues from fast-growing companies can help.

For Marketing Operations Leaders, 2023 Brings Opportunity Amid Uncertainty

Data-driven, actionable insights will be critical for weathering economic turbulence. Providing these insights ranks high among marketing operations teams’ priorities in the year ahead.

In 2023, Demand And ABM Leaders Must Stay Focused On Long-Term Success

Despite an economic downturn, demand and ABM leaders should resist blanket cuts and instead, prioritize thoughtfully.

Portfolio Marketing Must Act As A Compass Through Shifting Seas In 2023

By investing in audience-centric practices, portfolio marketers can help their organizations be more efficient and effective, despite economic uncertainty.

How B2B CMOs Can Spend To Succeed In 2023

B2B marketing leaders will face intense budget scrutiny as they plan for 2023. But making reactive, cost-saving decisions could undermine long-term gains, cautions VP and Principal Analyst Barbie Mattie. On this week’s What It Means, she discusses Forrester’s 2023 planning guide for B2B marketing executives and its spending recommendations.

Sales & Product

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Planning Guide 2023: B2B Sales Executives

Despite economic headwinds, B2B sales leaders must continue to invest in growth. Learn which budgeting decisions will best set sales teams up for success.


Product Management Spending Recommendations, 2023

Learn where to expand investment, where to hold back, and where to get creative with your product management strategy in 2023.

B2B Sales Leaders: Balance Strategic And Tactical Investments In 2023

Experience from past economic slumps indicates that B2B sales leaders’ budget plans must balance essential strategic investments with “quick win” tactical investments.

Four Key Investment Areas For Sales Operations Leaders In 2023

Sales operations planning will have to account for economic turbulence, but will find big opportunities in smart tech deployment.

Three Key Areas For Sales Enablement To Focus On In 2023

Competencies, culture, and compensation — find out where you should invest your sales enablement budget in the year ahead. Read highlights from our new report, Planning Guide 2023: Sales Enablement.

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