Nearly 70% of social marketers believe it’s more effective to buy all of their social tools from a single vendor (i.e., a social suite) than to buy social point solutions from several vendors. But so far, this simply hasn’t proven to be an effective strategy, writes Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Nate Elliott in new research.

Social suites like Sprinklr are not living up to social marketers’ integration expectations. Only 64% of surveyed social suite clients agree that the tools they’re using live up to the promises these vendors have made.

Clients of social relationship platform point solutions are much more satisfied — 92% agree that feature and functionality promises were met after purchase. For that reason, Forrester recommends that marketers purchase social point solutions instead of social suites and seek out social technologies that effectively connect with leading non-social platforms. “There’s no benefit to buying one social tool that can do everything,” writes Elliott.