Despite mobile’s huge opportunity, a well-designed mobile experience is still not guaranteed. wo-thirds of smartphone and tablet owners have failed to complete a transaction because of obstacles encountered during checkout, and almost 50% of customers who encounter a poor mobile app experience say they would use a different mobile app with similar functionality.

Having a mobile-first mentality won’t cut it, writes Forrester in new research. Firms can stand out from competitors by using mobile to transform their customers’ experience – a strategy that only 14% of companies have implemented to date. Leading mobile experiences must:

  • Deliver clear value: Fandango’s “Go Now” feature uses location and time of day to suggest movies playing nearby at the moment a consumer opens the app.
  • Optimize efficiency: Uber allows customers to request a car to their location in two taps.
  • Simplify presentation: Home design app, Houzz, features high-resolution, nearly full screen photos of beautiful designs, minimizing distracting icons and text.


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