After Apple’s keynote in Cupertino on Tuesday Forrester analysts Frank Gillett, Thomas Husson and Julie Ask shared their thoughts on the tech giant’s latest announcement of several new iPhone models and other products and services.

Thomas Husson, Vice President & Principal Analyst:
“Apple’s new range of iPhones is a powerful upgrade to the X edition, eventually leapfrogging competition on performance and on the photo/video experience. Apple is right to differentiate the experience by bundling new unique content subscription services on top of its products instead of focusing on latest technologies such as 5G that are not yet delivering meaningful consumer benefits. Coupled with a smart pricing for the new and old iPhone ranges, I believe this will enable Apple to maintain its premium brand and continue to grow its installed base of devices. While detractors may argue this is mostly incremental innovation, let’s not forget that Apple delivers differentiated experiences through its integrated ecosystem and that it enables the brand to enter new territories by successfully pivoting to the service business. “

Frank Gillett, Vice President & Principal Analyst:
“For the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro launch, Apple used its engineering advantages to drive new levels of computational photography features such as Slofies (slo-mo selfies) and dual video recording through 2 lenses at once, as demoed by Filmic. And they delivered slight price cuts for mid-range and entry level devices: cutting the iPhone 11 starting price $50, the updated entry iPad price, and the existing line of iPhone XR and iPhone 8, creating a mid-range of affordable devices to complement their premium iPhone 11 Pro. 
The Apple Watch Series 5 improvements were very compelling for new and upgrade buyers, especially the always on display and the expanding range of health monitoring features. 
Apple also did well playing to values based consumers, sourcing 100% recycled aluminium where used in addition to a growing list of careful materials choices, and offering a new Trade In program with recycling. 
Apple built on their integrated ecosystem advantage by announcing low monthly pricing for Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ – and a free year of Apple TV for a buyer of an Apple device. 
Though it can all be labelled incremental innovation, Apple maintained its disciplined approach to delivering industry leading features and experiences built on well-engineered hardware, software and services. The Apple line up is still a whole greater than the sum of its parts.”

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