Fifty-one percent of B2B marketers expect their budgets to increase this year, according to a new Forrester survey. That’s compared with just 31% who expected an increase in 2014 and the majority who were happy to hold budgets level to 2013.

Marketers are downright bullish about their 2015 B2B budgets, writes Forrester in new research. But having more money to spend in the pipeline won’t deepen customer relationships without a shifted strategy, and Forrester expects continued exec pressure on marketing budget justification. In fact, 45% or surveyed marketers admit they still struggle to attribute program spending to revenue results. And more than a third say it’s still difficult to justify program plans to business leadership or connect marketing goals with business objectives.

With that said, how will marketers plan to spend their increased funds? Forty-eight percent will increase spend on digital, followed by 45% who will prioritize content marketing. Top marketing leaders will spend differently by prioritizing a short list of tactics — like dashboards, digital tools, innovation labs, multimedia, and technology road maps jointly fashioned with CIOs — aimed at driving deeper insight and creating more engaging experiences that customers prefer.

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