CaixaBank takes the top spot in Forrester’s 2015 European mobile banking functionality review — scoring an 86 out of 100 in the evaluation across more than 40 criteria and 13 leading retail banks. CaixaBank stood out for its extensive account management and transactional features, a digital wallet that is integrated into its mobile banking app, and strong sales and marketing capabilities. Bank Zachodni WBK and mBank of Poland also stood out as mobile banking leaders for providing better guidance across touchpoints, doing a better job at mobile cross-selling, and promoting additional services in context.

Most of the EU banks evaluated perform well where it matters most to customers: across login, balance checking, basic money movement, and person-to-person payments. But there’s room for improvement. European banks could help customers further with money management tips, improved mobile self-service features, and access to human help through tools such as chat. EU digital banking teams should use the context of each customer’s situation to increase the relevance of features and content.

In a complementary mobile services review of the five largest retail banks in the UK, Lloyds Bank leads with a score of 73 out of 100, overtaking last year’s leader, Barclays. While all of the UK banks deliver the basics of mobile banking, with a variety of account information and transactional features available for a wide range of devices, Lloyds Bank has pulled ahead of its peers with more extensive account management and transactional features and relevant offers based on a customer’s context.

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