The average CMO tenure will reach 60 months in 2015, according to Forrester’s annual predictions research. This is in part thanks to the CMO’s growing role in 2015 as a trusted business strategy advisor to the CEO, who will finally wake up and concur with the CMO’s long-held customer vision to drive business growth.

Other 2015 CMO predictions include:

  • 20% of organizations will implement a marketing operating system design. Motivated CMOs will break out of siloed comfort zones to reorient around the customer relationship.
  • CMOs and CIOs will come together thanks to data insights. The desire for an integrated customer data strategy that can’t be bought off the shelf will further bring this C-suite pair together. Forrester predicts that CMOs will use this opportunity to bring some data managed outside the firm back into the company.
  • CMOs will champion technology inside and outside marketing. Those CMOs seeking to make their role more strategic won’t get very far without advocating technology-based transformation.
  • CMOs will demand more from their agencies. And agencies will scramble to keep up as digital-first firms take over traditional agency roles.

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