What’s the next major development in the smartphone market? George Colony, Forrester’s chairman of the board and CEO, believes it is a foldable smartphone — and wonders if that’s what Apple has in store for the iPhone 6.

“The iPhone 6 (not due for another 15 months) will be a signal moment for Tim Cook and team — it must astound and amaze, all without you-know-who leading the charge. This will either be a first step toward Sonyland or a breathtaking victory for the new regime. There will be no room for the careful incrementalism of the 5,” blogs Colony.

The next big thing for Apple is not on a person’s wrist or in his/her living room. Colony writes that a folding iPhone would put competition on the defensive, give customers incentive to upgrade out of the nonfolding iPhone generations, and position Apple to dominate the emerging mobile engagement market — a world in which the mobile device continually interacts with people as they move through time and space.

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