In a poll by Forrester Research, Inc. of more than 700 senior business executives (Nasdaq: FORR), 59% said that they are maintaining or heightening their Internet efforts, despite the slowing economy. In parallel, 85% of these executives stated that to achieve their business goals, connecting more tightly with business partners and customers is a top priority — 38% specifically stated that closer integration would make or break their business. The executives were surveyed April 2, 2001, at the Forrester B2B Technology Leadership Forum in Scottsdale, Ariz.

“These data points show that despite the downturns in the stock market and the economy, businesses still see technology as the key to improving their operations,” said John C. McCarthy, group director at Forrester. “This next round of investment will focus on dynamic collaboration — a strategy of achieving mutual gain by sharing business activities across a network of allies.”

“Today’s partnering strategies won’t cut it because most businesses are too internally focused,” said Steven J. Kafka, senior analyst at Forrester. “Dynamic collaboration is an opportunity for firms to seize competitive advantage by optimizing the whole supply network — not just their link in the chain.”

The B2B Technology Leadership Forum is the first of 10 Forrester Forums taking place in 2001. Forrester Forums provide opportunities for Global 3,500 executives and senior managers, industry leaders, and Forrester analysts to develop successful business strategies, discover the latest tools and vendors, and informally share ideas.