Forrester Research, Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) today announced the hiring of Analyst Eric Scheirer to join the company’s Media & Entertainment research team. Scheirer joins Forrester from the MIT Media Laboratory, where he received his Ph.D. researching computer music, machine listening, and audio compression.

Dr. Scheirer brings valuable technical knowledge and experience in the media industry to Forrester. He is internationally recognized for his scientific research, computer programs, and psychological experiments in the field of musical signal processing. Scheirer represented the United States at the Moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) in 1997 and 1998. Within MPEG, he worked as an editor of the MPEG-4 Audio International Standard and created the groundbreaking MPEG-4 Structured Audio and MPEG-4 AudioBIFS standards.

Since 1998, Scheirer has been very active in the music industry as an independent analyst and consultant, writing and speaking frequently to both technical and general audiences. He has shared his expertise with leading industry groups, such as ASCAP and the MIDI Manufacturers’ Association, and is a regular keynote speaker at music-industry events.

“Eric provides a tremendous advantage to our research team,” said Chris Charron, research director at Forrester. “In addition to having a complete understanding of the media industry, Eric’s technical knowledge of audio and video technology adds breadth, expertise, and value to Forrester’s Media & Entertainment research. His experience complements a fantastic team that covers all aspects of the media landscape.”

“This is a time of incredible technological advancement,” remarked Scheirer. “I look forward to helping Forrester’s clients understand how the Internet will reshape not only the delivery of music and video, but their businesses. With the arrival of radical technologies like Napster, all the rules have changed.”

Employing high-level market analysis and in-depth research, Forrester’s Media & Entertainment research team analyzes the impact of digital technologies on the creation, packaging, and distribution of content. The group helps the world’s top media companies, advertisers, and technology firms develop strategies for succeeding in the digital economy.