Forrester has already identified the 10 most important emerging technologies for 2023. In a new report, Ten More Top Emerging Technologies For 2023, there are additional emerging technologies that enterprises should be aware of — four of which will deliver benefits to most firms in the next two years. These include:

  • Autonomous vehicles. These technologies are poised to increase operational efficiencies, traffic-flow optimization, and sustainability; enhance public transportation options; and offer innovative business models and new services for personal mobility. As a result, self-driving trains, monorails, tractors, drones, and forklifts are already viable options to deliver business value at scale.
  • Business-optimized networks. Most networks today are designed with IT connectivity objectives in mind, not as business differentiators. BONs offer the potential for reducing inefficiencies due to overly complex or underdesigned infrastructure. They also empower non-networking professionals to leverage network services. By bringing a business perspective into network strategies, the infrastructure aligns more closely to business needs.
  • Federated machine learning. This technology is an effective way to train AI models without directly exchanging raw data while delivering model performance that is close to or on par with a model trained with aggregated data. Federated machine learning offers business value in enhanced data privacy and compliance; better use of edge data through local data processing; and access to richer and more diverse data sets.
  • Zero-party data platforms. As consumers’ privacy awareness grows and tech companies limit data access, firms will look to adopt zero-party data platforms more. These platforms can enhance customer trust and loyalty by both improving personalization and customer engagement and ensuring enterprises comply with privacy regulations.

Forrester finds that four emerging technologies — blockchain, data clean rooms, quantum security, and synthetic data — will deliver significant benefits in two to five years. Meanwhile, the remaining emerging technologies, the metaverse and quantum computing, are still five or more years from realizing their potential. As a result, enterprises should approach these with caution.

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