Forrester Research forecasts in a just-published report that in 2016 there will be 375 million tablets purchased globally and 760 million tablets in use. This growth — from 56 million sold in 2011 — represents a 46% compound annual growth rate. The consumerization of IT is not a trend Forrester sees going away: By 2016, one-third of tablets will be sold directly to the business. Emerging markets will also contribute greatly to tablet adoption: Forrester believes that these markets will account for 40% of tablets sold in 2016. 

Frank Gillett writes in a blog post today that “tablets aren’t the most powerful computing gadgets. But they are the most convenient.” And, by 2017, we will see a very different computing landscape, with tablet adoption having had a dramatic impact on PCs. First-time computer buyers will start with tablets — not PCs. Apple will be more deeply embedded in the enterprise — and Amazon will make a splash too.