Half of US smartphone users ignore in-app mobile ads, and 43% think that they disrupt user experience — but only 25% of smartphone and 21% of tablet users would rather pay for apps than see ads, according to a Forrester survey of more than 60,000 individuals.

“Consumers are spending increasing amounts of time on smartphone and tablet apps. This creates a large and engaged audience, and data shows that users notice in-app ads, but marketers today struggle to seize this opportunity and meet customer expectations due to an unstable partner ecosystem and lack of standardization,” notes Analyst Jennifer Wise in her new report. And what’s more is that as a result of the mobile mind shift, customers have high expectations for a non-interruptive mobile experience. In the report, Jennifer outlines why marketers must refine their in-app ad strategy by: 1) using data to reach the right audience; 2) reaching customers in a way that doesn’t disrupt user experience; and 3) tracking the right metrics that match marketing objectives.

Learn more about this research, “Exploring The In-App Advertising Opportunity,” here.