Investment in branded content is rising sharply, but too many brand marketers fail to plan for the distribution and discovery of their content. The result? Significant content investments don’t reach the intended audience and have no chance to deliver value for the brand. In fact, a recent survey found that while more than 85% of marketers publish branded content, only 36% feel that they are doing it effectively.

“The harsh reality is that branded content, even when it’s great, isn’t getting seen or discovered by audiences. Marketers are not only failing to achieve their original engagement goals within the content they produce but are also missing the opportunity to learn from poor performance and improve things next time,” writes Senior Analyst Ryan Skinner in his new report. In the report, Ryan provides a four-step framework to help marketers address distribution at the strategy stage and then follow through.

Learn more about this research, “Put Distribution At The Heart Of Content Marketing,” here. In addition, Ryan blogs on key findings here.