According to a new Forrester survey, 46% of businesses confirmed that their sales and marketing teams are leading the investment in and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) systems — the highest among any department.

Forrester’s latest research on AI and marketing claims that the technology is becoming a necessity for B2C marketers, but to successfully evaluate and adopt AI-powered marketing technologies, they must understand (and avoid falling victim to) the following five AI myths:

  • Myth: AI is new to martech.
  • Reality: Marketers have been laying the groundwork to adopt AI for years.
  • Myth: AI is all about fancy math and algorithms.
  • Reality: AI is about data.
  • Myth: AI systems work out of the box.
  • Reality: Like human brains, they need time to be trained.
  • Myth: AI autonomy will put marketers out of a job.
  • Reality: AI lets marketers do their real jobs.
  • Myth: AI will reveal a treasure trove of rich customer insights to marketers.
  • Reality: AI learns for its own sake rather than to externalize knowledge.

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